Injun Joe

Injun Joe sprang to his feet , his eyes lit up with anger , he raised the knife Mefa Potter
and all bent stealthily like a cat fighting began circling around ,
waiting for an opportunity . Young doctor suddenly broke away from Potter
grabbed the board with heavy tombstone grave Williams and knocked Mefa
Potter , and at the same instant crossbreed stabbed to the hilt in the chest
doctor. He staggered and fell at Potter , flooding him with his blood ; in
that moment the moon came running clouds and hid the terrible picture of
frightened boys, who fled in the dark without disassembling
  When the moon appeared again , Injun Joe was standing over the two open
bodies , contemplating them . Doctor muttered something unintelligible , sighed twice
and silent. Metis grumbled :
  — With this bill done, damn it took .
  And he robbed the victim.